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Emergency Call 9-1-1™ FREE Voice Recognition mobile app. will revolutionize the way you call your Emergency 911 call center.

No more dialing numbers, just a click of a button and “Call 911” (- – -) — World’s First Auto-Dialing Mobile App. Designed Specifically For Elderly People and kids with special needs.

Emergency Call 9-1-1™: Free mobile app. saves time in a medical emergency and more importantly can be the difference in life and death.

Emergency Call 9-1-1™ is free, private and secure. Please review our Privacy Policy for further information.

When a medical emergency occurs, it is essential to reach a 911(- – -) operator as quickly as possible.
During an emergency every minute can be the difference in life and death, especially for an elderly person, living alone, or a child with special needs. If you a family member, elderly parent or child has a medical problem or special needs we encourage you to download for free Use Emergency Call 9-1-1™(- – -) mobile app. on your smart phone.
All life is precious and having our program could save time in an emergency and possibly your life.

Emergency Call 9-1-1+™ is almost identical to the regular Emergency Call 9-1-1™. It is based on the same technologies but has some added features that can provide an even greater safety net for you or a loved one. When a medical emergency occurs, it is essential to reach a 911(- – -) operator as quickly as possible. People with disabilities or ones suffering from a major medical emergency, may or may not be able to dial 911 (- – – ), or explain their medical emergency to an operator. For this reason we have invented (patent pending) the first mobile auto dial 911 service; that can also provide emergency medical history. All emergency personnel agree, the faster they can identify who you are and what you might be suffering from the faster they will be able to treat you, with the most favorable outcome. Emergency Call 9-1-1+™ our pay for service is affordable for everyone…just .25(- – – ) per month $3 (- -) per year.

If a medical emergency occurs you will click the Emergency Call 9-1-1+™(- – -) icon on your mobile main screen.
After clicking on the Emergency Call 9-1-1+™(- – -) icon the program opens you simply click the Yes button and you will be immediately connected to the 9-1-1 (- – – ) operator.

911+(- – – )

(1) Will connect you to the 911(- – -) call center,

(2) Simultaneously sends a (SMS –MMS) text message with your medical history at the same time. ( if your 911 (- – – ) call center supports text messaging ).

(3) Notifies your emergency contacts that you have dialed “911” (- – – ).

(4) Provides the Date and Time you dialed 911 (- – -).

(5) Gives your emergency contacts the GPS location of where you dialed 911(- – -).

(6) Will allow your emergency contacts to follow you by GPS; which hospital you might be going to…in real time.

* In order for this service to work your phone
 1. must support GPS,
2. your phone must have the GPS turned on,
3. you must have constant Internet or cellular connection. We cannot guarantee GPS tracking capability, which can only be determined by the                  function of your phone and the services that are available in your area at that time.

Cities across the US are adding SMS text messaging capability to the 911 call centers every month.
According to the four major cellular phone providers – Sprint, Verizon Wireless, T-Mobile and AT&T, are committed to providing enhanced 911 e911 with SMS text messaging capability. The FCC is requiring all service providers to offer the service by the end of the year(2014); please check with your local
service provider for more information.

Don’t worry, in the next few years all major cities will be adding the SMS text messaging feature as well as the 911(- – -) call centers in the suburbs. Until enhanced e911(- – – ) is available in your area the other features in Emergency Call 9-1-1+™ (- – – ), will work regardless. The only limitation will be when you or a loved one dials 911 (- – -) the call center will not be able to read the medical history and medicines you are taking, as a text message. But don’t worry this information is saved in your phone and can be viewed or made available after you open the 911+ (- – – +) program and add your password. This can be a significant time saving feature, in a medical emergency, that can provide lifesaving information to a paramedic or doctor. One of the key and most important features of 911+(- – -+) is that your emergency medical history can be viewed regardless if there is Internet or cellular connectivity. No matter what type of disaster occurs, as long as your phone is operational you have access to your emergency medical history and medicines you are taking. All doctors agree, “Having and carrying your emergency medical history with you at all times could save your life.”

Medical History and Medicine Log retention.
Simple to use (one button to calls 9-1-1 (- – -+).
Allows you to practice and become familiar…. first.
Allows an emergency call to be clicking on Emergency Call 9-1-1 icon then the Yes button.
Built-in safety feature that prevents accidental calling 911.
Immediate SMS text notification to your emergency contacts that you have dialed “911”.
Provides the Date and Time you dialed 911.
Gives the GPS location of where you dialed 911.
Will allow your emergency contacts to follow you by GPS; which hospital you might be going to…in real time.
Allows for you (with a password) to share separately your emergency medical history or medicine log (medications you are currently taking).
Provides voice recognition and speech to text capability, which enables you to add or edit information in you 911+ program. For example with your voice you can just speak the name of a new medicine and it will automatically type and add it for you.

I “being of sound mind” agree and understand that should I use the E911sms™ text messaging mobile app provided by lifeguard global Inc. to send personal medical history information, including gps location, and notification of emergency contacts to the 911 call centers, and agree I am granting permission to the 911 call center operator(s) authorization to forward my emergency medical history to: my caregiver(s), first- responder, paramedic, doctor, nurse, or hospital for the purpose of extrapolating important information about my current health conditions. Including medicine(s), currently being taken and known medicine allergies. I hereby understand and agree this is only a precautionary effort to provide important medical history information to help treat me in the most expedient manner for the best possible outcome in an medical emergency, should I chose to activate my 911sms mobile app. text message.

I agree and understand in a medical emergency should I choose to send my personal medical history as a text message to a 911 call center via a mobile phone, smart watch or pendent, that I acknowledge and agree to the terms of this agreement. That in an emergency I am authorizing a 911 call center to forward to my caregiver(s) first- responder, paramedic, doctor, nurse, or hospital important emergency medical information about myself to expedite the process of evaluating my personal medical history in order to provide the best method of treatment based on the information that I have provided contained in the 911sos mobile app.

I agree to the terms of this agreement and understand I have no recourse against: the 911 call center, my caregiver(s) first- responder, paramedic, doctor, nurse, or hospital should I die or suffer injuries at the time of treatment or thereafter, in which they provide best medical practices to save my life, based on personal medical history and assessment of my injury(s) and situation.

I understand and agree I hold-harmless the 911 call center, my caregiver(s) first- responder, paramedic, doctor, nurse, or hospital should I suffer a medical emergency and they attempt to treat me using best standard medical practices and procedures. I also agree and understand that should I suffer a medical emergency and send my E911sms™ text message, the information may be outside my cellular connectivity and not delivered as designed. This is a voluntary solution that does not warrant or guarantee a successful outcome in treatment.

I hereby agree to the terms of this agreement and understand I have no liability claim(s) should I suffer injury or death. I indemnify all parties who may attempt to treat or save my life based on standard medical methods and practices in a medical emergency.