E-Covid Vaccine™

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E-Covid Vaccine™ Is the safest and most secure way to save your [Covid-Vaccine Registration Card] on your mobile phone.


Consumers lack confidence in the security of databases, the cloud, or networks. People are wary of registering their vaccine cards with any public or private companies. Every week we hear about hackers who have compromised or broken into a secure network.

This issue is of grave concern to the general public. Identity theft is at an all-time high… even the government cannot protect your identity.

Thanks to E-covidvaccine,™ you can rest assured your Covid-19 registration card is securely saved, on your mobile phone, never in a database, cloud, or network. Only you, with a password, can display or prove that you have been vaccinated.


LifeGuard Global Inc. does not save or have access to any of your files or photo’s on your mobile phone; passwords included. Your security and privacy are our highest priority.
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