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My Medical History QR™ (Tablet) is the easiest way to add and carry you medical history in a tablet. In addition you can add, edit and view any information that you view.
My Medical History(Tablet)


My Medical History-QR™(Tablet) Is now available and will help you keep track of your medical history and the medications you are taking with our easy; Add, Edit and View tools. With an 8” screen you can easily enter your information without difficulty, especially if you are elderly, or have some vision loss. It is also convenient to take your tablet to a doctor’s appointment. Your EMR (Electronic Medical Records) may have errors or misinformation, please confirm with your doctor that your medical history is correct, including the medications you are taking.

Should you suffer a medical emergency and go to a hospital ER or medical clinic, take your tablet with you as well. Up-to-date and accurate information in an emergency situation can save time and even your life. Be sure if there is any change in your medical history that you immediately add the new information.

My Medical History-QR™(Tablet), is the easiest way to add and carry your important medical history. In addition, you can add, edit and view any information that you enter. All information is password protected and only saved on your tablet, never in a database, server or the cloud. You and only you have control of what information is added and who can see it. Enter as much or as little information as you wish. My Medical History-QR™ (Tablet) can be lifesaving and the most important app in your Tablet.

My Medical History-QR™ (Tablet), can make the difference in life and death in an emergency. We urge everyone to always carry your medical history with you at all times. In addition, My Medical History-QR™(Tablet), enables you to display your medical history and medicines you are taking as separate QR codes. This can be very beneficial for a pharmacist to review all medications you are currently taking for potential drug interaction. Most people would not want to provide a pharmacist access to their medical history, so we have created two QR codes, one for medical history and one for medicines being taken. It is also advisable to take your My Medical History-QR™ (Tablet), with you when you visit your pharmacist, to get a new prescription, or a drug refill. They can also review your medicines, to make sure there are no potential drug interactions.

My Medical History-QR™ (Tablet) Can:

  • Save time in a medical emergency
  • Provide more accurate and complete information to a first responder, ER doctor or nurse
  • Shorten the time of diagnosis and treatment
  • Reduce the chance of medical errors
  • Shorten the waiting time to be admitted (s)
  • Provide valuable information to a new doctor
  • Backup Medical History and Medicine Log to your personal email, including QR codes
  • Print a hard copy of your Medical History and Medicines
  • Email your Medical History and Medicine to an ER doctor and hospital
  • The best part of it all it is only $ $4.98 per year
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* My Medical History QR™(Tablet) most importantly, can save your life in a medical emergency
All doctors agree that everyone should carry their emergency medical history with them at all times. For this reason, we have created a simple and secure way for you to carry and make available to a medical professional. Your medical history, medications you take and emergency contacts. The program, in addition, can be a convenient way to share your medical history with a new doctor.

Info – All doctors agree, “Having and carrying your emergency medical history with you at all times; along with the medicines you are currently taking, can in an emergency save time and possibly your life.” Life is precious, so we and our partners feel it is… just too important for everyone to have this lifesaving tool.

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