Emergency Call 911+™

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Saves time in a medical emergency and more importantly can be the difference in life and death Emergency Call 911+™
Emergency Call 911+


Our app allows you all this and more

No more dialing numbers, just a click of a button and our program will auto-dial 911 for you, saving time and possibly your life. When a medical emergency occurs, it is essential to reach a 911 operator as quickly as possible. During an emergency every minute can be the difference in life and death, especially for an elderly person living alone, or a child with special needs. World’s Fastest Dialing Mobile App. Designed Specifically for Elderly People and children with special needs

    • Allows you to include three emergency contacts
    • Password protected
    • Simple editing to change contacts
    • Emergency notification to emergency contacts if 911 is called
    • Emergency contact retention of your emergency contacts and their mobile number
    • Information is sent to emergency contacts -SMS and email; date time stamp and GPS location
    • 911 operators can also receive GPS coordinates if supported
    • Emergency contacts can monitor in real time the nearest hospital the patient is being take to,… if the mobile and service provider supports it. In the near future we will also provide you the capability to send your emergency medical history to the 911 call center should you or a loved one dial 911. This will be a free upgrade once the 911 call centers adopt our technology. Regular price will be $10 per year but FREE when available for Premium Members.
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