Opportunity to be a Partner

"LifeGuard Global Saving Lives Around The World"

We are looking for hardworking talented individuals or companies looking to expand in their country. The partner or partners must have an extensive knowledge of the country, languages, cultures, eCommerce, mobile phone technology, have working capital and the ability to develop and execute on a Business Plan.

If you have the skills and can meet our requirements….we want to hear from you. Saving lives is our mission; we are committed in doing so regardless of, age, gender, religion, cultural mores and economic status. Our technologies save time, money and most importantly lives. Our basis service is FREE to all…. no strings attached. We also offer some additional features for a small fee. For this reason we need a local partner to help facilitate the pay for fee services.

If you are serious and want to become a partner and help save lives, Tell us a little about (yourself,) (company) and why you are the right partner for us?