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Everyone knows Disasters or Medical Emergencies can happen at anytime, anywhere. In most cases we cannot prevent them, but we can prepare. Many people have thought about creating an emergency kit but it is usually an afterthought, or, “I will get to it when I have more time.” Perhaps the best time is now.


Let’s face it…. we are living in unsettling times, protests in cities,
a pandemic like Covid 19… are causing all of us, to second
guess if we are safe…. and are we really prepared for a
disaster, or a medical emergency?  

For this reason we have created the perfect tool that will help
organize your life, regarding a medical emergency.

Everyone who has built an Emergency Kit… thinks about the basics…

·First Aid kit check
And so on…  

But often times we forget about our medical history and the medicines…. we are currently taking.In a disaster, there may be, no electricity, Internet or mobile conductivity. It is for this reason we have created our all-inclusive Emergency Card, with all the apps you will need for your mobile phone.  

Android or iPhone we have you covered

Our My Medical History app is FREE, Secure & does not save any of your information in the cloud, database or a server….only in your phone  

“Could Save Your Life In An Emergency”  

Android (My Medical History)
iPhone (My Medical History)

You might also consider our (My Medical History Family App ) it allows you to include the medical history of your entire family, including, your elderly parents

“Could Save Your Life In An Emergency”
Android (My Medical History)
iPhone (My Medical History)

Individual account $3 per year
2 People $5 per year
4 family members $10
5-7 family members $15
8-12 members $20

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